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FREE Home Buyer Reports!   Buying your home is an important phase for you and your family and at today's prices, there are many thoughts and questions that come with the decision to buy your own home. Home Buyer Reports listed below!

Use the CONTACT page to order your copies (or even ask your own specific questions). Getting thorough answers and reliable advice should be this easy. (See our 5 Star Ratings on FaceBook - link top right - and Google.)

  • 12 Questions to Ask About Mortgages.  Clear and concise information when you need it most. Unravel the maze of mortgage details in one convenient source, without hours of surfing or information overload. As a home buyer, you are about to embark on a major process. This e-book gives you the benefit of insight, when you are dealing with important financial decisions.
  • The Process of Buying a Home. What are the steps involved? Who do we deal with at each phase?

  • Home Buying Questionnaire. How do we prepare for the process of buying a home?

  • Assessment of Lenders. Learn expert insider mortgage secrets on non-bank vs. bank mortgages! Uncover hidden costs and restrictive terms, and how to avoid them. Do not shop for interest rates alone! (*reserved for pre-approved home buyers.)

  • Equifax's NEW Credit Score. Get the details on this new and tougher credit score!

  • Credit Score Mini-Quiz. No credit inquiry, no signatures needed. We show you how a mortgage underwriter will review your credit. Request a FREE copy and get the results of your Mini-Quiz today!

  • Employment Classifications.  Do you earn ANY portion of income from commission or bonus? Do you have contractual employment, or work in construction (hourly pay)? Are you self-employed? There are important details that you need to know about various Employment Classifications.

  • Options for Down Payment. Banks will not tell you all options! How about closing costs?

  • MA Home Improvement Plan. ***New federal regulations mean refinancing a mortgage to cover renovation costs is now VERY difficult. If there are ANY improvements needed to the home you are buying, you need to plan NOW!*** (This report clearly shows you the difference with the MA Home Improvement Plan vs. a refinance.)***   

  • Follow Up Service Program. Home buyers and home owners embark on a major financial process when getting a mortgage, so they appreciate ongoing advice from an expert. That is why we have built a leading follow-up service program. Take a look at our service program which you can count on for the long run.

  • Rental Report. Basement Apartments are very popular (for good reason). Are you considering additional property in the future?

  • Turn-Key Construction. Are you buying a newly built home? This is an entirely difference category where professional advice is needed. Get the details!

  • CMHC Housing Market Outlook -St. John's, 2018 Independent real estate market assessment by CMHC analyst in PDF format.

  • Other Home Buyer Reports Always Under Construction!




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